Drupal Association blog: Introducing Ripple Makers: our revamped Individual Membership program!

Fellow Drupalists!

We have exciting news. As a way to express our appreciation for our community, the Drupal Association is pleased to announce some changes to the Individual Membership program, now called Ripple Makers!

Our goal is to increase communication and transparency, and create more opportunities for engagement.

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The Drupal Association is a United States incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations to Ripple Makers are tax deductible, where applicable. We raise funding primarily through event registration, event sponsorship, the Drupal Certified Partner program, some grants, and individual contributions. We do not have a for profit parent corporation telling us what to do, nor do we ever charge to download Drupal. In fact, it is our mission to ensure that it will always be free. 

Drupal has given members of our community opportunities beyond just a career. The values adopted by open source communities create innovation, collaboration, and creation across the globe. Drupal itself is recognized as a Digital Public Good. Drupal is a lever for change and makes a difference preserving the integrity of the internet. 

At the heart of the Ripple Makers transformation is a commitment to fostering deeper connections with each and every member of our community, recognizing the invaluable role that sustaining donors play in advancing our shared mission and impact. By revamping our sustaining donors club to be more inclusive and communicative, we aim to create a culture of belonging where every donor feels valued, heard, and empowered to make a difference. 

Ripple Makers is your chance to give back—and to celebrate the Drupal community and the open source ecosystem that helps it thrive. We invite you to make a monthly donation in support of the Drupal Association.