Tag1 Consulting: Tag1's Recap of DrupalCon Portland 2024: Gander, Migrations & Human Connections

At the beginning of May, over a thousand people converged on the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, for four days packed with announcements, learning opportunities, and comradery with the larger Drupal community. Among the many attendees, twenty-eight members of the Tag1 Team joined sessions, discussions, and led three impactful presentations – including the introduction of Gander as part of the Initiatives Keynote. Now that our team has slept off the jetlag and unpacked their bags, we’re reflecting on DrupalCon Portland and, specifically, Tag1’s highlights. Initiatives Keynote: Introducing Gander Tag1’s Strategic Growth and Innovation Manager, Janez Urevc , was invited to speak as part of the Drupal Project Initiatives Keynote on Day 3 of the conference. Gander was a hit! It was standing room only, and attentive attendees took notes and snagged the links to review more information at a later time. “While I presented at many DrupalCons in the past,” Janez said, “this was my first DrupalCon keynote. I spent significantly more time (and it was more stressful) preparing for those 6.5 minutes than for my entire 45-minute talk. But it was all worth it and I really enjoyed doing it at the end.” Janez introduced Gander , the...

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