Tag1 Consulting: Migrating Your Data from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10: Generating migrations with Migrate Upgrade

Series Overview & ToC | Previous Article | Next Article - coming June 27th In the previous article we performed an automated migration via the administration interface with tools provided by Drupal core out of the box. This gave us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the different modules that assist with the task, settings that affect the migration, and the results when there are no customizations in place. Today we will leverage the Migrate Plus and Migrate Upgrade modules to generate migrations from the command line, which we can then pick from and customize. Automated migration using the Migrate Upgrade module Let’s start by listing the modules that we will use to run the automated migration from the command line: * Migrate: consists of the core API that can be used to import data from any source. * Migrate Drupal: allows connecting to a Drupal 6 or 7 site to import configuration and content. * Migrate Plus: provides extra source, process, and destination plugins; handles migrations as configuration entities; allows reusing of configuration via migration groups; and more. It is a dependency of Migrate Upgrade and a very useful module on its own. * Migrate Upgrade: provides a Drush...

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