Mario Hernandez: Building a Drupal Theme with the Theme Generator

On one of my last training workshops I took a chance and decided to let students pick their environment of choice to use during training. As always I hosted an online call prior to training to assist anyone who needed help setting up their environment. About five of the students showed up to the call. This is a first. In the past when I've used a preconfigured training environment typically no one shows up to this prep call because the environment I've put together for them has been fully tested and any potential issues have been addressed.

Although I was able to help everyone get ready for training, and no big issues were encountered during training, I learned that perhpas having a preconfigured training environment is the best way to go. Having done this in the past I found that a preconfigured environment not only provides a consistent experience for everyone but it makes things more predictable for everyone.

I'm going to show you the latest setup I am using when training people. This is a new setup I put together using DDev with a host of other tools including Drupal

See the Theme Generator's project page on Github.

Watch the full tutorial below: