Golems GABB: 2024 Trends: What's New for Drupal

2024 Trends: What's New for Drupal Editor Wed, 06/12/2024 - 16:00

People always want to predict the future. They say that is not good, but this doesn't apply to the Drupal 2024 trends. Undoubtedly, Generative Artificial Intelligence will shape tech trends and stimulate further progress in the website development industry.
However, there are other matters worth paying attention to. Mintz, World Wildlife Fund, Chupa Chups, Mattel, and other prominent Drupal websites won’t sit idly by viewing this chaos of innovations and advancements.
Now is the time for unique insights with Golems web development agency about what Drupal 2024 will be like. The more aware you are of prospective game-changing rules, the more up in arms you will act in SEO, marketing, and business growth strategies. Stay tuned to take a sneak peek into the future!