Matt Glaman: Starshot, recipe to cook up ambitious Drupal applications

This blog post was inspired by my time at DrupalCon Portland and the Driesnote, announcing Starshot.

There has also been a story about Drupal being a series of building blocks for building your own CMS (or other application). Often, it has been compared to building a LEGO® set. The idea is that you have Drupal core and contributed modules, acting as individual pieces, to build an application that meets your desired needs. Oftentimes, this could be done without writing any code. As someone who built with Drupal, this made so much sense. You take disparate components, build on a solid base, and have this magical software built with minimal code (if you choose) that meets your needs. That metaphor always stuck, but it was pretty flawed, and I never really understood why until DrupalCon Portland 2024, last week.