The Drop Times: Detailed Overview of the 2024 Drupal Developer Survey Results

The 2024 Drupal Developer Survey, led by Jeff Geerling, Chris Urban, and Michael Richardson, provided a comprehensive overview of the global Drupal community. With 648 developers from 65 countries, including significant contributions from the United States, France, and India, the survey showcased a mature developer base, with 76% aged between 30 and 49. Despite regional variations in sentiment, community engagement remained strong, with 65% participating in Drupal events, and 80% expressing optimism for Drupal's future. Notable trends included the rise of decoupled architectures and the endorsement of DDEV as the preferred choice for integrated development environments (IDEs) and local environment managers. The survey also highlighted opportunities for the Drupal Association to enhance its visibility and communication efforts. These insights will inform strategies for fostering growth and innovation within the ecosystem.