Drupal Association blog: New Things Happening At DrupalCon Portland

I attended my first DrupalCon in 2010 in San Francisco, and since then have attended six more in the US and two in Europe.  Many elements stay the same, and are a welcome and treasured part of the DrupalCon experience: The DriesNote, the group picture, the keynotes, the BOFs, the sessions and trainings and parties and hallway conversation, on and on.  While you can look forward to more of those this year, here are a few additional features that have been added this year to Drupalcon Portland 2024:

Marketing Track

Recognizing the value that effective marketing brings to Drupal websites, DrupalCon 2024 will feature a substantial amount of content specifically targeted to marketers.  The Marketing Track features a dozen sessions of particular interest to CMOs and other marketing professionals, including presentations about AI, Personalization, Content Strategy, and multi-channel engagement.  Stay tuned for more information about content of particular interest to CMOs.  

Extended Welcoming Party

Everybody likes a party, and this year the opening reception is two full hours.  You can look forward to dancing to the robot DJ on a light-up dance floor, recording yourself in the 360 photobooth, playing with a giant Lite Brite, and enjoying free food and drink. 

Nonprofit Summit

It’s back!  After a short break, the Nonprofit Summit returns to DrupalCon, connecting Drupal users from the Nonprofit sector with each other.  Facilitated discussions, round table group sessions, and special pricing for the conference and summit are just a few of the features that will help deliver the power of Drupal to one of our most important communities. 

Enhanced focus on students

Drupal needs to continuously attract new people.  Recognizing this, DrupalCon 2024 is making extra efforts to reach out to students.  Targeted advertising to local student communities, focusing on the career-enhancing opportunities of the Drupalcon job fair, mentorship, resume help, and a special student discount price of only $50, job fair, mentorship, and resume help are a few of the enhancements that are specifically aimed at students. 

Community-designed DrupalCon T-shirt

New this year, the Drupal Association ran a design contest for the official DrupalCon Portland t-shirt.  Many great entries were received, and the winning design will be announced at DrupalCon, and available on the free attendee T-shirt.

As you can see, there are lots of new reasons to join the Drupal community in Portland this May.  We can’t wait to see you, so register here!