Salsa Digital: Drupal stats in Australian government jurisdictions

Image removed.Drupal use in the Australian public sector At the recent DrupalSouth 2024, Sean Hamlin from took us through some enlightening stats on CMS use for Australian government websites. This was as a follow-on to stats he provided at DrupalSouth 2022 . Once again, he analysed Drupal use for each state/territory and also for Federal Government sites.  After briefly highlighting his methodology, Sean dived into the stats.  Victoria The breakdown of CMSs used by government websites in Victoria is as follows: Drupal ( — 32.2% (based on aggregation by score)  Unknown — 20%  SquizMatrix — 15.5% Opencities — 9.4% New South Wales For New South Wales, the most used CMSs by the government are: Drupal ( — 23.7% Unknown — 19.5% SquizMatrix — 15.