Drupal Association Journey: Pedro Cambra: Survey on Bookmarking Tool Needs Your Input

TL;DR: I’m requesting members of the Drupal community to help my research about the need for a bookmarking tool by responding a super quick survey.

As part of my dissertation work for my bachelor’s degree, I’m unsurprisingly working in something related to Drupal. After a lot of consideration regarding a project that could be within a reasonable scope but also allowed me to contribute a little bit to the Drupal ecosystem, a chat with Cristina and Christian helped me decide to work in the shortcut module, and try to make improvements before it is marked to be removed to core – and try to avoid that because I believe it could be a useful tool for both the navigation and the dashboards initiatives.

But first things first.

One of the elements I am looking to explore the most in my research is the full process of the contribution, from identifying the issue to solve, get quantitative data through a survey in the community to establish that the problem is worth solving it, then propose a solution and get feedback on it.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could help me achieve my goal by answering the survey I’ve prepared.