Tag1 Consulting: Drupal Core Test Suite Improved Runtime By 10% With Gander

The Drupal community has continuously sought ways to enhance the performance and efficiency of Drupal sites. The performance testing framework Gander has been part of Drupal core since version 10.2. The result of joint efforts between the Google Chrome team and Tag1 Consulting, this powerful tool is specifically designed to optimize Drupal performance. Optimized performance ensures that sites are not only fast but also efficient and sustainable. Today, we will take a closer look at how Gander played a crucial role in improving the Drupal core test suite runtime by 10%. ## Identifying A Core Performance Issue Gander's impact on Drupal development was recently highlighted by its identification of a performance issue within Drupal core. The issue (#3410312) reported a particular code section being called redundantly during automated test runs and on live websites, resulting in delays. ### The Bottleneck Identified Drupal is designed to use the flood system for user logins. It first checks if a flood protection table exists in the database. If it does not exist, Drupal postpones the creation of the table until it needs to write to it instead of creating the missing table immediately. What can happen is...

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