Salsa Digital: Dries Baytaert at DrupalSouth 2024

Image removed.The presentation   Below is our summary of Dries' presentation. Drupal’s past Dries started Drupal when he was about 20 years old and studying at university. He built the system for himself and then open sourced it.  One key turning point early on was in 2002, when Dries reached out to Jeremy Andrews, the person behind KernelTrap, a kernel development blog. At the time, many websites fell victim to something called the Slashdot effect. Slashdot was so popular at the time that if your site was mentioned on Slashdot you’d get a massive spike of traffic and websites would often crash. Dries wrote to Jeremy and said that if he migrated his site Drupal it would never crash. He even offered Jeremy root access via email.