Drupal Core News: Drupal 11.0 will require PHP 8.3 and MySQL 8.0

Drupal 11 development has reached a point where the system requirements are being raised in the development branch. To prepare core developers for this and to inform the community at large, we are announcing the following requirements for Drupal 11.


We announced in mid-February that there is an RFC to remove support for Windows in production. Other webserver requirements are unchanged.


Drupal 11 will require PHP 8.3 and older versions of PHP are not supported. Note that as of Drupal 9.4, a policy was adopted to automatically drop support for PHP versions no longer supported by the PHP maintainers, so future minor versions of Drupal 11 will increase the requirement further.


The minimum database requirements for backends supported by Drupal 11 are MySQL 8.0, MariaDB 10.6, PostgreSQL 16 and SQLite 3.45.


Similar to Drupal 10.2, Drupal 11 will require Composer 2.7.0 or newer; this change was made for the Composer security fix released in February 2024.


The existing browser policy has not changed and there was no need to update it for Drupal 11. Drupal already drops support for older versions of browsers as new ones get released.

PHP and JavaScript dependencies

Drupal 11 will depend on Symfony 7, PHPUnit 10 and jQuery 4, work is ongoing to update to these versions'.

Drupal 10 will receive long term support

Drupal 10 will continue to be supported until mid-late 2026 and the release of Drupal 12.