Talking Drupal: Skills Upgrade #3

Welcome back to “Skills Upgrade” a Talking Drupal mini-series following the journey of a D7 developer learning D10. This is episode 3.

  • Review Chad's goals for the previous week

    • DDEV performance improvements
    • Install Drupal 10
    • Install drupal/core-dev
    • Configure and test phpcs
    • Test phpstan
    • settings.local.php
    • Install Devel module
  • Review Chad's questions

    • Rancher Desktop appears to be holding on to port 443 after I installed it. Although I changed the port to something else, do you have any suggestions to update the setup to use ports 443 and 80 instead?
    • How are tools like phpcs and PHPStan used by the Drupal community for contrib? Are they a part of's testing automation?
    • Starting a new D10 website from scratch in DDEV is one thing … How would I typically work with an existing D10 website? Do I start with the community config, then overwrite the code, database, and files? Is there a better approach?
  • Tasks for the upcoming week

/vendor /web/core /web/modules/contrib/ /web/themes/contrib/ /web/profiles/contrib/ /web/libraries/ *.sql.gz Resources

Chad's Drupal 10 Learning Curriclum & Journal Chad's Drupal 10 Learning Notes

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