LN Webworks: Drupal Community Module Evaluation: A Go-to Guide

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It's not only about what a module from the Drupal community can achieve when you consider using it. Along with how long you want your website to remain, you need also to consider who will maintain it after it goes up. These factors influence the level of danger you are willing to accept. 

For instance, you might desire modules with an excellent track record and robust community support if you're not too familiar with Drupal.

Every module available on Drupal.org is licensed under the GPLv2 and is open source. This means that while they are free to use, any dangers are your responsibility but every module has a community of users who assist with problems and updates, as well as a team of maintainers for each module. Additionally, partnering with a reputable Drupal web development company can provide further assurance in terms of module selection, ongoing support, and maintenance.

Let's discuss some factors to consider when evaluating a community module.