Talking Drupal: Talking Drupal #441 - CI for Drupal modules

Today we are talking about CI for Drupal modules, How it helps us build Drupal, and the ongoing work and improvements being made with guest Fran Garcia-Linares. We’ll also cover Require on Publish as our module of the week.

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  • What does CI mean
  • How do Drupal modules use CI
  • When we talk about Drupal CI are we talking about the website itself or the CI that supports contributors
  • What tools does Drupal use for CI
  • How do maintainers interact with CI
  • What changes have happened in the last year
  • Speed improvements
  • Drupal CI vs Gitlab CI
  • Process to convert
  • When is Drupal CI being shut down
  • What improvements are coming
  • If someone has an issue where do they get help
Resources Guests

Fran Garcia-Linares - fjgarlin


Nic Laflin - nicxvan John Picozzi - johnpicozzi Anna Mykhailova - amykhailova

MOTW Correspondent

Martin Anderson-Clutz - mandclu

  • Brief description:
    • Have you ever wanted to have content fields that could be optional until a piece of content is published, or ready to be published? There’s a module for that.
  • Module name/project name:
  • Brief history
    • How old: created in Apr 2018 by Mike Priscella (mpriscella), though recent releases are by Mark Dorison (markdorison) of Chromatic
    • Versions available: 8.x-1.10
  • Maintainership
    • Actively maintained, latest release just over a month ago
    • Security coverage
    • Test coverage
    • Number of open issues: 18, 8 of which are bugs
  • Usage stats:
    • 3,001 sites
  • Module features and usage
    • With this module enabled, form to configure fields for you content types will have a new checkbox labeled “Required on Publish”
    • Check this new box instead of the normal “Required field” checkbox to have the field only required if the content is being published or already published
    • Useful for publishing workflows where you want content creators to be able to quickly get started on content, but ensure that fields will be filled in before publishing
    • Useful for fields that will optimize the content for SEO, social sharing, search, and so on