Drupal Association blog: Meet Imre, empowering Drupal's growth as a board member of the Drupal Association

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We're delighted to introduce Imre Gmelig Meijling, one of the newest members elected in October of the Drupal Association Board. Imre, CEO at React Online Digital Agency in The Netherlands, brings a wealth of digital experience from roles at organizations like the United Nations World Food Programme, Disney, and Port of Rotterdam.

Imre is not only a member of the Drupal Association Board of Directors but also serves as an executive member on the DrupalCon Europe Advisory Committee. Previously, he chaired the Dutch Drupal Association, expanding marketing efforts and establishing a successful Drupal Partner Program. Imre played a key role in launching drupal.nl, a community website used by several countries. He co-created the Splash Awards and led Drupaljam, a Dutch Drupal event with almost 500 attendees. In 2023, Imre joined the Drupal Business Survey.

As a recent board member, Imre shares insights on this exciting journey:

What are you most excited about when it comes to joining the Drupal Association board?
I am very excited about joining the Drupal Association Board and contributing with insights and perspectives from the digital business market in Europe. Drupal has a strong market position with many opportunities for the coming years. I look forward to supporting the marketing team in their expanding efforts. I am particularly proud and excited to be part of an inclusive global community. Being part of an inclusive global community and supporting the Open Web Manifesto aligns closely with my personal values.

What do you hope to accomplish during your time on the board?
I aim to help expand Drupal's marketing outreach aiming for more wonderful brands and organizations adopting Drupal and attracting new talent to get involved with Drupal. I am also looking forward to establishing and sustaining relationships between Europe and other regions with the Drupal Association and finding ways to work even more closely together.

What specific skill or perspective do you contribute to the board?
Being part of an inclusive global community and supporting the Open Web Manifesto aligns closely with my personal values. Working with Drupal at various digital agencies in Europe, I support the growth of Drupal from a business-perspective, but having a technical background, I know the strength of the Drupal community has and can be for brands. Having been in both worlds for a long time, I will help and make sure we bring them together.

I was Chair of the Board for the Dutch Drupal Association, in which time a successful Dutch Partner Program was launched. Also, marketing and advertising on mainstream media was taking off during that time. I was also involved in the design and setup of the Dutch Drupal website, which is now open source. I co-founded the Splash Awards and I am Executive Member of the DrupalCon Europe Community Advisory Committee. I will share all of my experiences where I can. 

How has Drupal impacted your life or career?
It's part of my life, both professional as well as personal, for over 16 years.

Tell us something that the Drupal community might not know about you.
I own my own digital agency in The Netherlands, React Online. I began my career as a UX designer and front end developer for Lotus Notes applications, called 'groupware' at the time, a long gone predecessor to the social collaboration platforms that we now know well. Interestingly, my birthday is on January 15, just like Drupal!

Share a favorite quote or piece of advice that has inspired you.
A true leader is not one with the most followers, but one who makes the most leaders out of others. A true master is not the one with the most students, but one who makes masters out of others.

We can't wait to experience the incredible contributions Imre will make during his time on the Drupal Association Board. Thank you, Imre, for dedicating yourself to serving the Drupal community through your board work! Connect with Imre on LinkedIn.

The Drupal Association Board of Directors comprises 12 members, with nine nominated for staggered 3-year terms, two elected by the Drupal Association members, and one reserved for the Drupal Project Founder, Dries Buyteart. The Board meets twice in person and four times virtually annually, overseeing policy establishment, executive director management, budget approval, financial reports, and participation in fundraising efforts.