Liip: Easier content creation means better content: Meet blökkli

To give users a true power tool in their daily work, the most important thing is, that editors must be able to see at all times, what their content will look like in real life. At the same time, the interface must be intuitive and easy to understand.

blökkli offers exactly that. The content looks exactly as it will ultimately appear on the website. With a click on the respective sections, they can be edited and improved immediately.

Liip developed the blökkli editor for the relaunch of, the website of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, and published it as an open-source project.

Live editing of the site

In the blökkli editor, editors can place the page sections directly on the page using drag & drop and insert the content. You can immediately see what the content looks like.
To change a title, simply click on it and change the text.

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In addition, the editor offers many functions that support the content creation and editing process. Images can be inserted directly from the computer, a mobile preview can be displayed or accessed directly via a QR code on the smartphone.
In addition, a search function can be used to link directly to other pages or insert images and documents.

There is also a function for viewing a live preview on the smartphone. This can be opened via a QR code and dynamically displays the current status of the page.

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Flexible and clear design options

The appearance of the page sections can be changed directly in the page. This makes it easy for editors to design versatile pages and see directly how they look. The display follows the defined design, but at the same time offers editors the flexibility to design their content in a visually appealing way.

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In many page builders or editors currently available on the market, users have too many options. They can change colors and font sizes, which unfortunately often leads to content becoming confusing or even illegible. blökkli solves this problem with pre-defined design options that are easy to find. This gives editors flexibility, but the content is still consistent and fits the brand.

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blökkli also supports drag & drop of images. Images can therefore simply be dragged into the page and are placed directly in the content. In addition, links (for example to YouTube) can be inserted directly. blökkli recognizes these and embeds the corresponding content directly into the page.

Efficient team processes and easy onboarding of new users

With its comment function, the blökkli editor offers an optimal basis when content is edited by multiple people. blökkli also offers a visual timeline that allows the last changes to be undone.

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For websites with many editors, it is always a challenge to introduce new people to a system. At blökkli, the most important functions are explained interactively with a 'tour'. This helps editors to quickly find their way around and reduce their anxiety.
Numerous keyboard shortcuts are available for editors who frequently edit content on the site. This makes work even faster and more intuitive.

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Compatible with Drupal and any other CMS

blökkli already works excellently with the open-source CMS Drupal. The Paragraphs blökkli module is available for Drupal. Based on Nuxt.js, however, blökkli can be used with any CMS system if an appropriate adapter is available.

Try it yourself!

You can try blökkli yourself on the website: