Drupal Core News: Applications sought for Project Update Working Group

Applications are sought for the position of Project Update Working Group member.

Interested parties should create a new issue in the Project Update Working Group issue queue.

Applications are sought for both full and provisional members. Full members must have the ability to opt-in to security coverage for Drupal.org projects (sometimes referred to as the 'Git-vetted' role). Full members of the group must have a record of maintaining core or contributed projects. Please indicate which level of membership you are applying for in the issue.

Applicants must seek two endorsements from other community members. Endorsements must be made on the relevant issue in the Project Update Working Group issue queue.

The initial membership of the working group will be vetted by the Core Committer Team and Security Team. The vetting criteria for membership to the Project Update Working Group is based on an applicant's prior contributions to the Drupal community and their conduct in the community including issue queues, Slack chat, and at Drupal events.

With Drupal 11 fast approaching we hope to have the working group up and running in the coming months.

Applications will close at midnight UTC March 31st 2024.