Tag1 Consulting: Enhancing Drupal's Layout Builder: Introducing Layout Builder Plus

Drupal’s Layout Builder feature has established a critical content creation and display framework in the four years since its integration into Core. Replacing older, more complex tools like Panels and Display Suite, this integration marked a significant shift towards a more user-friendly, native layout-building experience. Better yet, unlike other JavaScript-based content layout tools, LayoutBuilder retains support for Drupal’s more powerful features like views, accessibility, and multilingual, to name just a few. Despite its robustness, creating an excellent Layout Builder experience for your content editors typically requires several additional community modules. These modules add layout options, style customizations, granular permissions, content preview-ability, and, most importantly, fewer clicks to get the job done! You can see a list of Additional Modules for Layout Builder on Drupal.org. Knowing which ones to choose and how best to configure them is a challenge of its own. To help solve some of these friction-ridden experiences, Tag1 would like to formally introduce its new Layout Builder Plus Module, which dramatically helps improve Drupal’s content editor experience out of the box! ## Layout Builder Plus by Tag1 ![Animated image walking through various features of the Layout Builder Plus module. It...

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