Drupal.org blog: Updating how contributors accept the Git Terms of Service

We’re streamlining the git terms of service acceptance process, by moving it into our GitLab instance.

When you next use git.drupalcode.org, you will be asked to accept terms of service. The terms of service aren't changing, but how we ask you to accept them is. You can always review the current Drupal Git Contributor Agreement & Repository Usage Policy

You will need to accept these terms before pushing code to git.drupalcode.org or continuing while logged in.

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www.drupal.org had been the place where we recorded acceptance of these terms. Now we are leaning on GitLab to take over this functionality. Instead of migrating who had previously accepted, we're taking the opportunity to remind everyone of these terms.

As we're improving developer tools on Drupal.org, working to migrate issues to GitLab, and update www.drupal.org, this change makes it easier to get a git.drupalcode.org account, and simplifies our codebase.

For more background, see #3230072: Streamline Git Access Agreement/username assignment and #3227737: [Meta] GitLab Acceleration Initiative