Drupal Association blog: Bounty program extension (for innovative modules and ideas)

A few weeks ago we announced the Bounty Program. This was a pilot program with the idea to solve a few common problems. For a start, and after meeting with different companies and individuals, it is apparent that we need a clear path and guidance to where contributions would be most helpful. A constant question from pretty much all companies I have met was “how can we make our contributions more impactful”.

Fortunately - there are many areas and projects where contributions are VERY important, and where the Drupal Association, core maintainers and other leaders in the project are waiting for a helping hand.

The goal of this credit bounty program is to explore introducing some of that guidance, increasing contribution in those areas where it really matters and, creating more impact to push Drupal innovation further.

The good news is the idea has been working pretty well. For a start we have got some long-standing, tricky issues unblocked, and with new momentum we already have one of those issues fixed. This is a great initial result for the program, because that issue in particular was 5 years old.

Community feedback has also been positive, from the core maintainer team, to companies and people willing to participate in the program or simply excited to see this happening.

The only drawback I saw with this approach is that the issues that we have published are highly specialized and potentially complex. And that’s ok, because contributing to Core is actually a complex, time consuming task, and here your contributions are going to make a big difference. But at the same time this is limiting how many people have the required knowledge and can contribute to this initiative.

That’s why I’m opening a consultation period. Do you think you have an innovative module or project that can benefit drupal? Do you know of one you would like to nominate as an innovative module that could benefit from some momentum and contributors? Is there a core feature request or idea queue issue that you think could use focused attention?

We especially want your nominations if you are a module maintainer and you are willing to spend a little bit of time to support contributors who could help innovate items on your roadmap. , To provide your nominations, please contact me: alex.moreno@association.drupal.org.

What will you get in exchange? Public promotion for your module, being a candidate for extra credit bounties, but most importantly, seeing how your module gets the attention, promotion and the extra push that it deserves as an innovative idea.

This does not stop here, because we have opened another round of consultations with the Core team as well for their own nominations of new issues that will be included in the next round of the credit bounty program.

We will likely select anywhere between 4 and 12 new issues for the second round, so if you you know an innovative module or project that could benefit from this, please send me your proposals: alex.moreno@association.drupal.org