The Drop Times: Drupal Usage in Top Universities Worldwide: A Progress Report and Seeking Support

A statistic on states that 71% of the top 100 universities use Drupal, but the page lacks precise data or references to support this claim. Given that the education sector is one of Drupal's largest adopters, we at TheDropTimes have embarked on a project to validate and substantiate this claim with proper evidence. This initiative was suggested by Kevin Reynen (University of Colorado). While attending a Higher Education Conference, he noted the frequent citation of this statistic and its lack of supporting data. He proposed a broader definition of Drupal usage in universities, encompassing not just their homepages but any of their websites. Prompted by Reynen's observations, TheDropTimes began a project to collect data on the top 300 global universities, as ranked by QS, focusing on their use of Drupal.