LN Webworks: AWS S3 Bucket File Upload In Drupal

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1. Creating an AWS Bucket

  1. Log in to AWS Console: Go to the AWS Management Console and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to S3: In the AWS Console, find and click on the "S3" service.
  3. Create a Bucket: Click the "Create bucket" button, provide a unique and meaningful name for your bucket, and choose the region where you want to create the bucket.
  4. Configure Options: Set the desired configuration options, such as versioning, logging, and tags. Click through the configuration steps, review your settings, and create the bucket.

2. Uploading a Public Image

$settings['s3fs.access_key'] = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY";
$settings['s3fs.secret_key'] = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY";
$settings['s3fs.region'] = "us-east-1";
$settings['s3fs.upload_as_public'] = TRUE;