Kyle Einecker|True Summit: Building JS for a Drupal Contrib Module

<p><a target="_blank" href="">RJSF</a> is a bit of a unique module in that there is more JavaScript than php in the module. This presents some challenges when trying to host and package the module from a repository. Like that, a release on d.o is a copy of a specific commit and not a build artifact controlled by the repo. Because of this RJSF ships the JS part of the module as an NPM package that is only updated when a release is tagged. This has some significant downsides like if you want to use the module you need to install both the module and the npm package. Or to use the dev version of the module you have to build the JS yourself. Or to tag a release I have to manually package a release for NPM. Recently I've been thinking about how to simplify the installation and release process for RJSF and decided to start by attempting to include the built js with the module instead of as an NPM package.</p><h2>The Goal</h2><p><ul><li>Include built javascript when the module is installed via composer</li><li>Update the built javascript whenever the source changes</li><li>Do it all automatically without any manual steps</li></ul></p>