LN Webworks: Why Media Business Should Choose Drupal As Their First Priority CMS: 5 Big Reasons

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Media has changed a lot with new technology. Organizations need to connect with their audience using modern methods. Big media companies use digital tech to reach people on different platforms and make more money.

Top media networks have many websites and social media pages to reach more people. They create websites for different groups. In the age of Web 3.0, having a strong online presence is crucial. Drupal helps with that, improving the customer experience and increasing conversion by 25% for one media client we worked with.

Why is Drupal Preferred Over Other CMS? 

Media relies on content, and that content needs to bring in revenue in a scalable way. To achieve this while keeping things easy to manage, you need the right Content Management System (CMS). Considering the constant flow of new content, choosing the right CMS is crucial.