LostCarPark Drupal Blog: Drupal Advent Calendar day 23 - Single Directory Components

Drupal Advent Calendar day 23 - Single Directory Components james Sat, 12/23/2023 - 07:00 Image removed.

For the penultimate door of the Drupal Advent Calendar, we are joined by Mike Herchel (mherchel) to tell the amazing story of bringing Single Directory Components into Drupal Core.

How we brought SDC into Drupal Core (and how you can too!)

Single Directory Components (SDC) started out as a rough idea in early 2022, had its first contrib release in March 2022, was proposed to go into core in October 2022, and was committed to core just 6(ish) months later! In the general schedule of Drupal core development, this was a light speed!

In this story I’ll walk through how the idea came about, and how we…